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Smart Range of Virtual Data Room Supplier

The most important condition for the long-term operation of the company is to obtain the information quickly and conveniently. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs prefer Data rooms.

Storage and protection of business data in a Data Room

Along with the benefits, digitalization poses a number of cyber threats to the activities of countries, companies, and individuals. The use of IR technologies for an unauthorized seizure of data by legal entities and individuals by third parties can cause significant damage to economic activity – to disrupt the management system of companies, illegally depriving them of property and funds, block the production process, paralyze the economy as a whole. One of the key challenges in the digital economy, in which information is becoming a key resource, is cybersecurity.

The most common victims of hackers are private companies. Cybercriminals are actively using network scanning attempts, application-level network attacks, WEB-attack attempts, phishing, DDoS attacks, malware distribution, and more. They hunt according to various sources. Some aim to steal the company’s private confidential information; others seek to appropriate her money. Therefore, an important task for each company in the first place is to ensure a safe online working environment and reliable data storage. In this case,  data room virtual is a win-win solution.

The functionality of Data Rooms

Today, many companies are working with freelancers. Cloud services make life much easier for such employees, as they can access all the necessary files and documents at any time. In addition, Data Rooms allow you to organize joint work on projects. This opens up great prospects for international cooperation, as clouds allow you to jointly edit documents and files from anywhere in the world.

Virtua Data Room is a specially organized database that focuses on data analysis and decision support, provides the fastest and most convenient access to information. It is the central link of the corporate information system and allows creating a single information space of the corporation. The purpose of the Data Room is to provide the analyst with all the information necessary for analysis, modeling, and decision-making in a timely manner. It is not data analysis, but data preparation for analysis and their consolidation.

The Data Room provides multi-purpose use (multiple users, many forms of documents, and queries of one user). Thus, there are the following basic requirements to a Data Room provider:

  • Completeness of data presentation. The data must adequately represent all information about the object.
  • Database integrity. The data must be preserved during the processing and in any situations that arise in the process.
  • Data structure flexibility. The data repository must allow you to change the structure of the data without violating its integrity and completeness when changing external conditions.
  • Realization. This means that there must be an objective representation of the various objects, their properties, and relationships.
  • Accessibility. It is necessary to ensure the delimitation of access to data.
  • Redundancy. The Data Room must have a minimum redundancy of data representation of any object.

The most popular Data Room providers

The market for security services will grow rapidly for one simple reason – the difficult economic situation does not allow them to bear the high cost of building their own clouds. In such circumstances, many companies, due to advanced business technologies, find it easier to enter into an agreement with a contractor that will provide services to protect the virtual cloud and its services.

Today`s market of program software offers many helpful solutions of Data Room software. The most preferred providers are:

  • IDeals
  • Ansarada
  • Intralinks
  • Datasite
  • Smart Room
  • Citrux
  • Brainloop
  • Dropbox
  • Merill
  • CapLinked.


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